Here’s another snippet from the musings of Paul Harris, back in January 1912. He was talking about Rotary being young and it is a neat juxtaposition of where Rotary, and our club, finds itself today.
Harris said “Not the least interesting attribute of Rotary is its youth (by that he meant the movement itself rather than the people in it). Youth is full of possibilities and ginger and men…prefer to conjecture as to what youth may develop into …rather than reverence successful old age.” He went on to say “Rotary is both young and successful…It is buoyant, hopeful, resilient. It is interested in the world and the world is consequently interested in it.
Can we say that our club is buoyant, hopeful and resilient? And if not may this be one reason why people are not as interested in joining as we would hope?
I think that we need, as a club, to get our ginger back, as Harris put it.